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oUR Quality STandards

In  Anastasakis Group we produce, process on board, export, import and distribute seafood from the Atlantic Ocean FAO 34 region which provides superior quality products, with high nutritional values. 

Our main objective is to guarantee our customers satisfaction. We pride ourselves on partnerships built worldwide and maintained throughout the years.


 Two phase freezing techniques are used on board our fishing vessels to guarantee quality. Our seafood is frozen immediately, at -40˚C and then maintained at -22˚C. 


The quality of our products, and those of our partners’ are under strict supervision. Seafood for clients with custom orders is processed at our facilities according to customer’s needs and specifications. Our facilities are certified with TUV 22000 (V 4.1), ISO 22000:2005, ISO/TS 22002-1:2009, and FSSC 22000. 2010

FPP Approval Number: GR 39.KN.188 CE 

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